Informed Decisions

Most people would never even consider looking into the issue of vaccinations. Getting shots for the children is just a routine procedure done at each pediatrician visit, and is something to check off the list of things to do before the kids head off to school or before the flu season hits.
If questions are ever raised on the issue, the conversations are usually a little more heated than discussing the weather! There is no doubt the topic of vaccinations is a controversial emotionally-charged issue…which is completely understandable, as the health of our children is at stake.
Unfortunately, the primary emotion involved in this issue is fear. Parents, with little knowledge of diseases or vaccines are told if their children don’t get the necessary shots they are putting their child’s life at risk. On the flip side, those that have looked into the issue discover the possible dangers of vaccines, and may decide not to vaccinate based on fear of a potential reaction.
Certainly the risk of contracting a disease and the risk of having a vaccine reaction are factors that need to be taken into consideration, but they must be put in perspective. What are the actual odds of contacting a certain disease, and is there a legitimate risk of complications? What are the risk factors in regards to each vaccine, and do they outweigh the risk factors of the particular disease being vaccinated for?
In addition, we are beginning to understand the role certain childhood diseases play in our children’s health and the development of their immune systems. You read that correctly – your child getting “sick” can actually help strengthen and develop his or her immune system!
So as you can see, the issue of vaccinations is far from black and white. It is not just a question of whether vaccines are safe and effective, but a question of what contribution vaccines truly have on the health of our children.
The goal of this website is not to tell you whether or not to vaccinate yourself or your children. That decision should be, and in most cases still is, the right and responsibility of individuals and parents for their families.
Therefore the purpose of this website is to provide information so that you can make your own decision in regards to vaccines for you and your family. And regardless of what choice you make, additional information is provided to help parents give their child the best opportunity to develop a healthy immune system, which should be the primary objective in this healthcare decision.

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