Dr. Brian Boyd

When gathering information on any subject, it is just as important to know the source of the information as the information itself. This is especially vital when it comes to the issue of vaccinations.

Therefore I deemed it necessary to share my not only my background, but also my motivations to share the information I have found. 

In 1995 I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. For my senior year research presentation I covered the topic “Exploring Transgenic Plants as a Vaccine Source”, which looked into alternative ways to deliver vaccines, such as through food.

My concept of vaccines at that time was that vaccines are the healthcare of the future, and the more vaccines we can get to people the better. I never once stopped to consider whether vaccines were safe or effective. To question vaccines wasn’t even on the radar.

Following undergrad I went on to chiropractic college, where I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. As I learned in detail of how the nerve and immune systems worked, I began to question the effects vaccines could have on these systems, particularly their effects on a developing child.

Several years later in practice I learned of some discoveries that had been made in immunology, which revealed the effect vaccines where having on the developing immune system at a cellular level. Since my objective as a chiropractor is to help people’s nerve and immune systems function at an optimum level, this information became something I had to share with my patients.  

I began offering the class How Vaccines Affect Your Child’s Immune System in 2004, just weeks before my first child was born. You see, I was dealing with this issue not only as a healthcare provider, but also as a parent. I knew what it felt like to sit down with a prospective pediatrician discussing vaccinations and feeling strong emotions swell when being questioned of not having my own child’s best interests in mind.

Therefore I have continued to offer this class with the goal of attempting to take the emotional part out of the issue as much as possible and look at the topic of vaccines with a rational common sense approach. 

My wife Cyndi and I now have three children, Grace, Hannah and Isaiah.

Dr. Brian Boyd

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