Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated Studies

 The major problem with truly knowing what effects vaccines are having on the health of our children is that there are no clinical controlled studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children.  For this reason we have no ground to stand on in declaring vaccine safety (see Vaccine Safety Studies).  However, there have been several survey studies conducted comparing these two groups, and the common findings amongst these studies give us a pretty good indication of the long term detrimental effects of vaccinations.

Some of the following studies are in German (except the Waldorf study and the Hep B study), so unless you can read in German the links won’t be very helpful. J The German studies were found at:
Note:  The links to the following five studies are no longer active.  Currently there are only links available to sites referencing these studies.  The links will be updated when they can connect to the original studies. 
        Salzburger Elternstudie (Survey of / by parents) (2001-2005) 
— Results: Unvaccinated children -- virtually no asthma; vaccinated 1 in 10; and three to five times less Neurodermatitis - http://www.impf-portal.de/aktuell/fragebo/fraboaus10.doc
— Englische Kohortenstudie (1988 - 1999)
— Results: Vaccinated children are up to 14 times more likely to have asthma than the unvaccinated and up to nine times more likely to have skin problems.  http://www.impf-report.de/jahrgang/2005/02.htm#06
— Langzeitstudie in Guinea-Bissau
— Results: The death rate for unvaccinated children is about half that of the vaccinated. - http://www.ratio2000.de/gesundheit/news/news0104.htm
— Schwedische Studie an Waldorfschulen
— Results: Unvaccinated kids have a lower risk of Allergies  http://www.waldorflibrary.org/journal_articles/rb5103.pdf
— Neuseeländische Umfrage (survey) (1992)
— Results: Unvaccinated kids are five times less likely to have asthma than the vaccinated, 2.5 times less likely to have skin problems and 8 times less likely to be hyperactive. - http://www.ias.org.nz/prelim_survey_results.htm
— Hepatitis B triple series vaccine and developmental disability in U.S. children aged 1-9 years
— Results: Children who receive the entire 3-shot series of Hepatitis B Vaccine have a 9x higher rate of developmental disabilities than unvaccinated children.
Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, September 2008. Carolyn Gallagher and Melody Goodman  http://www.fourteenstudies.org/ourstudies.html




A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 unvaccinated children, newborn to 19 years, show vaccinated children have more than twice the diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children, and perhaps five times more of certain disorders.

Unvaccinated vs. Vaccinated Observations


In Chicago, Homefirst Medical Services treats thousands of never-vaccinated children whose parents received exemptions through Illinois' relatively permissive immunization policy.
Homefirst's medical director, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, told us he is not aware of any cases of autism in never-vaccinated children.
"We have a fairly large practice," says Eisenstein. "We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we've taken care of over the years, and I don't think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.”


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