There is a time and a place for antibiotics. Unfortunately the indiscriminate use of these drugs have not only caused antibiotic resistant bacteria, but also left our children dealing with chronic health issues.
Some Interesting Facts about Bacteria…
  • "Fully 10 percent of our own dry body weight consists of bacteria, some of which, although they are not a congenital part of our bodies, we can't live without“
  • "Human skin harbors some 100,000 microbes per square centimeter" ("microbes" includes nonbacterial unicells, but the overwhelming majority of "microbes" are bacteria.)
  • The vast majority of bacteria are benign or irrelevant to us, not harmful agents of disease
  • The number of E. coli in the gut of each human being far exceeds the total number of people that now live and have ever lived.
  • The number of bacteria living within the body of the average healthy adult human is estimated to outnumber human cells 10 to 1.
  • "This could be the basis of a whole new way of looking at disease. In order to understand how changes in normal bacterial populations affect or are affected by disease we first have to establish what normal is or if normal even exists," says Margaret McFall Ngai of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Asthma & Antibiotics


Increased Risk of Childhood Asthma from Antibiotic Use in Early Life
“Independent of well-known asthma risk factors, asthma was significantly more likely to develop in children who had received antibiotics in the first year of life at age 7 years.”
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