Vaccination Classes

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In 2004 I gave a class on vaccinations called How Vaccinations Affect Your Child’s Immune System. I had studied vaccines for many years, and recently had come across information on the affects vaccines had on the developing immune systems of children.
Since my goal as a chiropractor is to help people’s nerve and immune system function at their optimum, when I discovered that vaccinations were actually interfering with the normal function and development of the nerve system, it became something I had to address with my patients.
At the time of that first class, I was also a soon to be new dad, with our first daughter being born just weeks later. I was not only looking at this issue as a health care provider, but also as a parent. I wanted to share this information with other parents so that they could make a more informed decision in regards to vaccines.
The class has expanded since that first date, and in addition to discussing how vaccines affect the immune system, I now go through all the childhood vaccines and the targeted diseases, discuss the safety of these vaccines and the ingredients they contain, go over the choices parents have in regards to these vaccines, and teach parents what they can do to help boost their children’s immune system naturally.
I have found that over the years as more vaccines were being added to the children’s vaccination schedule and more and more information was coming out in regards to vaccines, it has become increasingly difficult to cover everything in a manageable amount of time.
Therefore the purpose of this website is two-fold. First and foremost it is a means of sharing this information with more people. So many times I had people who wanted to come to the classes but were unable due to scheduling or they were having a baby! Also, after parents had come to the classes, they wanted to share the info with friends or relatives, who many times were out of state. 
Secondly, this website allows me to actually go into more detail in classes and allow for more time for discussion and questions. At times in class I felt like I was blasting a fire hose of data at parents. With information more accessible on this website, we can actually cover more ground during class and also take the time to discuss concerns and answer questions of the class.
Now, after 13 years of teaching this course, I have found that holding three classed for 2 1/2 hours each was not enough time to cover all of this information.  In addition, as mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for parents of newborns to get to all of the classes, and it's not even an option for those out of state.
Therefore, I am excited to announce that an online course is now available!
Dr. Brian Boyd

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